Place «Star Wars» in the cinema

Definitely «Star Wars» occupy one of the main lines in the history of world cinema, what Lucas created was and still is an incredible sight, even after many years and, in spite of new technologies. Of course, now the special effects of those years cause a smile, but you do not need to review all the films of the 70s to understand that it was Lucas who created what turned the cinema the next years, not only about special effects.

The genre of fiction, especially in the cinema, was popular in the second half of the twentieth century, and, being deprived of the present possibilities of computer graphics, space (and not only) adventures to spectators liked and so, some of them had their own hidden signs and symbols. The first to remember of course is Kubrick’s Space Odyssey and only because of her boredom with all the genius she remains in the shadow of Star Wars.

Extraterrestrials have always attracted the minds of mankind, something that was unknown, overgrown with legends and mythology, from ancient astronomers create the first model of the solar system, like the one where all the planets and the sun revolve around the earth, finishing the last century science fiction, to create their worlds on pages of books and on the cinematographic field.

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Lucas created his universe of Star Wars, became a legend, his story has become legendary, collecting untold number of fans, Coppola has even offered him to establish his religion on the basis of «Star Wars», but Lucas finished two film trilogy, yet want to stay and other inhabitants Star systems. Over these years, «Star Wars» have grown not just from the series, to the series of gathering new fans, but also by the hands of various authors creating a series of all sorts of books about the heroes of the movie trilogy.

And the original trilogy in the meantime, it seems to me, still remains the standard of space adventure films. Unlike the new one, where most of the adventures were sacrificed to reveal the political, social aspects of the life of the galactic Star Wars Republic. On the one hand, this is understandable, then without having under the feet of a solid ground, Lucas needed to remove a movie that would not only strike the spectators’ eyes with his new technologies, but also draw them to the side of Lucas’s power, turning them into fans of the film.

For this, with a two-hour timing, you need to manage to remove an adventure movie that does not lose its dynamics for a second. This is much more difficult than finding good actors, and the scenario did not disappoint, from the beginning to the end of the «New Hope» it is difficult to tear your eyes from the screen, every part of the adventure: on Tatooine, on the Star of Death last long, but fly unnoticed. Dialogues do not carry with them stresses, giving up easily, therefore, not having enough time to bore the spectators before the beginning of new actions, and there are many of them in the film, every clash of heroes with imperial stormtroopers, although now they look naive, but cause a storm of emotions.

also about how speech Obi-Wan Kenobi, or rather the actor his playing Alec Guinness, a very good way, and in a new trilogy actor for the role of Obi-Wan was picked up perfectly, unlike other actors in the original trilogy with this things were easier. Young actors very successfully entered their screen images, which is still associated exclusively with the roles of Skywalkers, and Mark Hammil and Kerry Fisher will forever remain hostage to these roles. And Harrison Ford successfully hit Indiana Jones and later, in a few notable films flashing, did not become the eternal Han Solo, and the prerequisites for this were he was the best of the young on the screen of «New Hope».

Everything for the success of the «Star Wars» has developed successfully, Lucas has not in vain created this story, inventing the history of a distant galaxy, having transferred there earthly problems. From the political almost armed conflict of the eastern and western bloc to the problems of every person. Location Policy «A New Hope» is given at least all the talking between the lines, just remember the only episode where the Great Morph Tarkin announces the abolition of the Senate, and there is some semblance of a dispute as to keep the countless star systems in the hands of the empire. This dispute has just been worked out for the genre and style of the picture, it does not have anything complicated for the simple spectator.

How is the Star Wars Empire not an earthly eastern block, in the minds of Westerners? The same totalitarian society (although we already had authoritarianism), inspiring fear for everyone and not only its citizen, a small cell of society, control through terror. Through the iron curtain, the west saw it as a reflection in Star Wars.

The insurgent movement, in the original trilogy, is a universal good, that is, a free world where everyone has the right to choose and vote, can decide what to do and whether to rebel against the war in Vietnam. Only rebels in the «Star Wars» is an absolute good, struggling with the Empire purely nothing to do, their ideology in the film is not registered, they are tired of living in fear of the plenipotentiary of the Emperor governor in their region or the mysterious Black Knight, which no one knows anything, and trembles from one of his references.

The insurgent alliance, shown almost as a hippy movement (exaggerated), only armed, instead of preaching peace and good, fight evil, the only possible way — through armed conflict, and the rebels’ goal is not the complete destruction of the imperial fleet (which for 20 years has grown into invisible scales), but the elimination of secret weapons … Read the boundless nuclear arsenal, which only diplomats could fight, concluding international disarmament treaties …

In Star Wars, the leaders of the Empire are more cruel and reckless subjects who prefer to negotiate mercilessly the destruction of those who do not agree with the regime, be it one person, be it a whole planet …

But the political associations in the old trilogy are not in the foreground, in the foreground an adventure film, a summer blockbuster, one of the most successful films in history. And he managed to do it to Lucas, only because he preferred his political thoughts to hide under the outer shell of the film about the struggle between good and evil.

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