Loopring is not only a protocol but also a decentralized automated execution system that trades across the crypto-token exchanges, shielding users from counterparty risk and reducing the cost of trading. By pooling the liquidity of cryptocurrencies, we are building the financial system of the future.[1]
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Reduced Counterparty & Exchange Risk
Loopring does not require members to send tokens to exchanges for custody. Tokens always remain in their blockchain addresses during the whole transaction life cycle Members can even transfer their tokens around after orders are submitted — Loopring will automatically adjust trading amount at the initial price. Loopring protects members from threats such as exchange bankruptcies and DDOS.

Orders are automatically executed while trade’s funds remain under their control in a decentralized smart contract on the blockchain.
Order Sharing
Loopring mechanism allows to order break into small pieces, identifies the best exchanges and times to trade those pieces on, and applies game theoretic logic to optimize trading results. Loopring can also well protect trading from DDOS attack.
Loopring is a decentralized, automated trading intelligence interfaces between crypto exchanges and blockchains, using our balance sheet to enable users to realize liquidity many times greater than available directly in the market, by both generating liquidity within the platform and breaking orders into small pieces that are placed across all market venues simultaneously.
Cross-Chain Protocol
Loopring was designed to be blockchain agnostic. As long as a blockchain has smart-contract support, Loopring can be implemented, and all ERC20-like tokens on such a blockchain can be traded under Loopring.
Loopring has a total supply of 1,374,956,357 LRC.
Daniel Wang Founder Google Tech Lead, Cofounder & VP of Yunrang Technology, Senior Engineering Director at JD.com, Cofounder & CEO of Coinport Exchange, Cofounder & VP of Hygene Online, Senior Director & Blockchain Researcher of Zhongan Technology[2]
Jay Zhou CMO E&Y, PayPal Risk Operations, SJ Consulting Founder
Johnston Chen COO Chief Information Officer at 3NOD, Product Expert in Finance Industry
  1. Loopring. https://loopring.org/en/index.html. Accessed 3 February 2018.
  2. https://loopring.org/en/team.html

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