An exceptional cartoon

Each work of the successful animated studio Pixar becomes not just a hit, but also a cult picture. The first experience in computer animation was the classic «Toy Story». Then followed two more continuations, not inferior to each other in superiority.

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The studio continued to delight the children’s and adult audience with the «Monsters Corporation» and «Finding Nemo». Then the «Incredibles», «Ratatouille», «WALL * AND», «Up» … It seems that the creators of these wonderful cartoons have many more ideas and plans that will necessarily come true. But it’s worth remembering that every work of Pixar serves as a stepping stone to the improvement and expansion of animation capabilities.

«The Incredibles» is a real leap for the studio. Cartoon, in contrast to past paintings, does not seem too childish, but at the same time it can be watched by both children and adults. «The Incredibles» can be proud of a rich and fairly original storyline and sparkling humor, which you will not find even in ordinary feature films about superheroes. It’s not for nothing that the cartoon was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Although he did not become the winner of this prize, but the «Cartoon of the Year», of course, was deservedly.


First, it contains morality, which manifests itself very clearly: the main thing is the family, and the main superpower is to be a good parent. The heroes led a double life, and they liked it. At some time they are ordinary people, and at the moment of danger — brutal superheroes, saving innocent lives. But later it becomes clear that the people are most likely not happy, than happy. This injustice greatly changes the life of the heroes. Now they are ordinary people leading a quiet and very boring lifestyle. They have a family, and this is the main value of their life. But still be a superhero of society better than every day endure endless family conflicts. In the final of the film, we understand that the family is attached to the fact that its members act side by side, help each other, look in one direction. The main thing is to be together. Nice, touching and correct.

Secondly, the picture contains high-quality and really exciting action scenes. Explosions, crashes, battles, chases look great. And this is all — a children’s cartoon! But in reality there is not a single drop of human blood in it. Fights and without it look steep.

Thirdly, the plot is full of interesting characters, each of which, even secondary, is very similar to a person. Charisma, depicted through patience, work and the charm of artists, is very reminiscent of real people, whom we can meet in everyday life or in feature films. Heroes have not only their distinctive abilities, but also various characters, which sometimes gives rise to very funny, but close to us all conflicts.

Fourthly, humor will not leave anyone indifferent either. Perfectly ironic all the pathos of superhero paintings, humor does not just cause laughter, but opens the eyes of the audience. Superheroes are still people, they have their own problems and shortcomings, they can not be an ideal person. In the film, also very funny episodes look when superhero duties meet with ordinary, everyday problems.

«Expensive! The city is in danger! Where is my superhero costume? «-» He’s in the laundry! «©

Oh, great, brave, I applaud standing up.

10 of 10

«The Incredibles» is a picture that clearly shows us that the life of superheroes is much harder than the family life. Because in the second case you know who you can rely on and who you need to trust.

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